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My name izum Liyaa(Lee-Yuh). Frederick is my fabulous alter ego. we love YTF, Hannah Hart, Ryan Higa, Marlin Chan (insert other youtubers) & we ship Larry fo' Days!!


meeting someone who has the same music taste as you


fat women: *gets shit on by peers, media, the fashion industry, products and marketing*
skinny women: *praised by literally everyone*
skinny women: *doesn't say shit while fat women are being put down*
Nicki: fuck skinny bitches
skinny women: what the FUCK what htE FUCK??? YOU ARE Nt gonna get ANYhwer by shMING ANY body type...we have to LOVE evyer,,,one!!!!1111

It’s me jessie and ari, if they test me they sorry

*looking at my legs*: Oh my god why
*looking at my stomach*: Oh my god why
*looking at my arms*: Oh my god why
*looking at my face*: Oh my god why
*trying to exercise*: Oh my god why
*eating shitty food*: Oh my god why
*weighing myself*: Oh my god why
*looking at my life*: Oh my god why
*looking at my music taste*: cool man


pokemon? way over it. 

talk w/ me when you’re looking for a REAL game


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